NDA Entrance Exam Preparation Tips

(National Defense Academy) NDA Entrance Exam Preparation Tips for 2024

Our 2024 NDA Entrance Exam Preparation Tips and strategies aim to give you a competitive edge. To help in any competitive exam, a proven strategy is essential, which you will find here. The NDA exam recruits for officers, trainees/cadets for India’s defense services. As the written test is the initial step in the recruitment process, our NDA Preparation tips for 2024 are designed to enhance your performance.

Scale up your NDA exam prep with expert recommended books and study materials. Access in-depth NDA Exam Preparation Tips 2024 for all subjects: Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Current Events, and more.

NDA Exam Preparation 2024

For NDA preparation 2024, simply studying alone is not sufficient. You need an effective exam strategy and top NDA books for solid preparation. We have outlined additional study tips to help you identify key areas to focus on for the exam. You do not have to cover every topic extensively. Focusing on frequently asked topics in the NDA Exam would be sufficient. Discover subject-wise NDA preparation tips that are applicable for all papers below.

NDA Preparation for Maths

Mathematics can be challenging, but with our NDA Math preparation tips, you will be able to cover this subject and prepare for a high score. The Mathematics paper includes 120 questions, for a total of 300 marks.

Some best practices for Math Preparation are below:

  • Practice extensively in Mathematics – the more you practice, the more improves your skills.
  • Revisit fundamental concepts using user-friendly books.
  • Use the audio-visual study.
  • Solve last year’s papers and take mock tests for preparation.

NDA English Preparation

For NDA English preparation, focus on exam-relevant topics. This section assesses your language, grammar, and comprehension skills. Being Proficient and having a strong vocabulary enhances your English preparation for NDA.

The NDA English section is worth 200 marks, so allocate your time for preparation. Here are some NDA English preparation tips:

  • Cover the entire NDA English syllabus, including grammar, reading comprehension, synonyms & antonyms, fill in the blanks and spot the errors etc.
  • Stay updated with newspapers, novels, storybooks, and current affairs to enhance your vocabulary.
  • Use interactive mobile applications for engaging English language practice.

NDA Preparation Tips for Physics

The NDA Physics section typically has 22-25 questions with covering general physics topics. Specialization in physics is not required for NDA exam preparation. Here are tips to boost your confidence in NDA Physics preparation:

  • Focus on key topics in the extensive Physics syllabus, such as Ohm’s Law, Mass, Force, and Momentum, which carry more weightage for your preparation. Do not neglect any topic. Just spend less time on less-weighted topics for a balanced approach.
  • Create concise notes for important definitions and formulas. Revise them daily to enhance effective memorization.
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses in physics. If numerical problems are challenging, focus on strengthening your theoretical understanding before returning to problem-solving.
  • Practice every day by listing formulas and solve at least 10-15 problems for each formula to reinforce your understanding.

NDA Entrance Exam Preparation for Chemistry

The NDA Chemistry focuses on chemical formulae and reactions. These topics include elements, mixtures, compounds, changes, acids, salts, equations, chemical laws, air, water, reduction, carbon, atomic structure, molecular weight, valency, mole concept, fertilizers, soap, glass, cement, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide.

In NDA Chemistry preparation, use the NCERT books and focus on the followings are:

  • Recognize repeating questions in Chemistry, especially those related to the mole concept and P block, by reviewing NDA Previous Year Papers.
  • Study NCERT books with private publications and utilize them for both online and offline study materials. As an alternative, you can use free online resources for studying.

NDA Entrance Preparation for Current Affairs

The NDA current syllabus includes, tests on your knowledge of recent developments in India and globally, spanning topics like politics, notable figures, sports, cinema, culture, science, government policies, international relations, finance, and more. To excel in this section, stay updated with the latest news, make concise notes, and practice mock tests regularly. This will ensure a well-rounded preparation for NDA current affairs syllabus.

NDA Entrance Preparation Strategy

Here are the recommended NDA Exam Preparation Strategies for each subject in the NDA exam:

  • Create a concise reference of vital information using bullet points for quick last-minute revision.
  • Form study groups to share knowledge and ideas.
  • Practice with previous years’ question papers to grasp topic importance.
  • Take numerous NDA Mock Tests to manage time effectively per topic or question.
  • Enhance vocabulary and stay updated on current affairs by reading English newspapers and watching news channels.
  • Memorize shortcuts, especially for physics formulas and chemical equations.

Last 10 Days Strategy for NDA Entrance Preparation

During NDA preparation, the initial goal is to clear the 900 marks written test. Here are the last 10 days revision tips to prioritize key exam topics.

  • Create a study schedule & accordingly divide time for papers, and candidates must refer to NDA NCERT Books.
  • Focus on 12th-class books for Math, Physics, Chemistry, and 10th-grade level for Biology, Geography, Political Science, History, and Economics.
  • Prepare a concise math revision sheet with key points and formulas.
  • Prioritize English skills for the 200-mark English section.
  • Stay updated with current affairs, especially events from the past 6-7 months.
  • Manage time effectively and use shortcut methods when possible.
  • For English Preparation, improve language and vocabulary through reading books, newspapers, and novels.
  • In Chemistry, understand basic concepts, compounds, mixtures, and classifications of elements.

Last Minute Tips for NDA Entrance Exam Preparation

After many months of NDA preparation, The final task is to consolidate and enhance your preparation. To give your NDA preparation those crucial finishing touches, you must follow these steps:

  • Revision – Revision is very important before the exam to reinforce your knowledge. Instead of going through textbooks, focus on reviewing your own notes, which will effectively refresh your understanding of the topics.
  • Do not Go with new learning Material – Avoid learning new study material the day before the exam. It is too late to grasp new concepts and this can lead to anxiety. So it is better to stay what you have already prepared and be confident in your existing knowledge.
  • Solve Previous Year Papers-  Solving previous year’s question papers is always beneficial for exam readiness, but remember, it is just a mock test. Do not let the outcome impact your confidence for the actual exam.

NDA 2024 Exam Pattern

The NDA Exam Pattern comprises two primary stages:

  • Written Examination
  • SSB Interview

The written examination consists of two main components:

  • Mathematics
  • GAT (General Ability Test)

Each segment has a duration of 2½ hours. Mathematics is worth 300 marks, GAT is worth 600 marks, and the SSB Interview carries a total of 900 marks.

There are two parts of General Ability Test:

  • English
  • General Knowledge Test

For GAT Exam, the marks are as follows:

NDA Test SyllabusUnitsMaximum marks
English Part A200
General Science40
General AwarenessPhysics100
Current Events40

In UPSC’s marking scheme, there are no marks deducted for unanswered questions. However, there is a negative marking for incorrect answers, as explained below:

Negative Marking

Written PapersMarks for correct answerMarks for Incorrect answer

This Frame provides you the insight for the NDA Exam Pattern for 2024.

Best Books for NDA Entrance Exam Preparation

As the exam date approaches, you must look for the best NDA Exam preparation books. Here are the list of subject-wise book recommendations to enhance your NDA study:

SubjectBest Books for NDA Exam Preparation
Maths R.S. Agarwal
EnglishGeneral English (Arihant Publication) by S. P. Bakshi, Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis
PhysicsNCERT Exemplar
ChemistryNCERT Exemplar
History & GeographyObjective GK by Sanjiv Kumar
BiologyGK (Lucent Publication) by Sanjiv Kumar

That’s the end of our article now. Stay tuned for more valuable tips for the NDA 2024 entrance exam. You can also, check the best NDA Coaching for 2024 here.

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