Why You Need A Special Coaching For Admission in Sainik School?

How a specialized coaching help to get admission in Sainik School?

The Sainik Schools system in India was set up by the Ministry of Defence in 1961 to make sure there’s fairness in the army’s officer group and to get students ready for the National Defence Academy and Indian Naval Academy. They contribute a good chunk of students to these academies. There are 33 Sainik Schools right now, and the plan is to make 100 more with help from public-private partnerships.

These schools are managed by the Ministry of Defence and the state governments together. The Ministry provides money every year and important staff like the principal, while the states take care of things like land, buildings, and other staff.

Sainik Schools follow the CBSE curriculum and focus on preparing students for the NDA and INA. Students usually join from sixth grade, and there are rules to make sure there’s fairness in admissions.

They were inspired by other military schools like the Royal Indian Military College and Royal Indian Military Schools, which have trained many top leaders for India.

Admission in Sainik School

The main aim of Sainik Schools is to train students to become officers in the army. They use a special exam to pick bright students and then work on developing their skills in different areas, not just academics.

These schools have lots of facilities for sports and other activities like running tracks, play areas, and fields for games like football and cricket. They also have clubs for things like hiking and horseback riding. Cadets can also join the NCC and get certificates by the time they finish school.

Specialized Coaching For Sainik School – Admission in Sainik School

Good guidance is key when preparing for Sainik School entrance exams. Many people opt for coaching to get ready because it not only covers the material but also keeps you updated on all important happenings, big or small. Plus, teachers focus on your weak spots, helping you improve. Sainik School coaching provides a structured study plan that reduces exam stress.

Moreover, coaching helps you get familiar with the exam content, like sample papers, assignments, and practice tests. Most coaching centers follow board rules, so they don’t overlook important subjects like general awareness, current affairs, and mental aptitude, which are crucial for passing the Sainik School exam.

In addition to regular subjects like math, English, and social studies, Sainik School coaching pays special attention to these areas. Students receive quality study materials, which enhance their performance.

Entrance exam preparation for Sainik School?

  1. Look at the entire syllabus of the Sainik School Entrance Exam carefully.
  2. Make a list of important subjects to concentrate on your weak areas.
  3. Make a timetable that’s effective and precise.
  4. Practice answering questions to improve your time management.
  5. Use Sainik School Entrance Test series, mock exams, and sectional tests to prepare better for the exam.
  6. Review the subjects you’ve studied regularly.


Sainik Schools provide children with a great chance to join the country’s armed forces. They help build discipline, training, and effectiveness in soldiers from a young age, playing a big role in helping students reach their full potential.

Principle Mam

It is a matter of great pride for the School that Smt Divya Soni, MA.(Public Add,Geography) BEd, PGCTE (Assistant Master) was honored with the National Award for Teacher's, 2011 & The Indian Education Award 2019 . The award was presentedto her at New Delhi on the occasion of the Teachers Day, by her Excellency, Smriti Zubin Irani is an Indian politician.

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